Babybrains® is a new parenting program aimed at empowering parents by knowing how to interpret what is going on in their children’s brain.

Babybrains® defines itself as -the FUN side of SCIENCE- because it does not talk to parents with boring lectures where only scientists can understand the topic, instead it works through a fun and interactive approach with plenty of games based on real scientific experiments. The goal indeed is to create a bridge between the scientific laboratories and families.

Babybrains®- has been created in UK by a PhD Neuroscientist and mother of three who wanted to transfer her knowledge and approach to other parents.

We, as parents, tend to face a lot of frustration very often because we set our expectations very high, and sometimes unrealistically achievable.

Too often we are bombed by a lot of different theories about how we should parenting.

Babybrains® is not a user manual. We will never tell you what is correct to do with your child, because science can have number and averages, but you and your child are unique. We want instead guide you to get to your inner resources and being able to understand your children and what is going on with them. We want to create empowerment.

You are the only one who can find your way of  parenting. We call it the L-O-V-E approach and it easy and natural to put into practice: all you need to do is learn the science and enjoy the fun.

What is the tool box that Babybrains offers for parents empowerment?

Workshops touch 6 different themes crucial of child development from 0 to 4 years.

  • Family habits and memory.
  • Manipulation and theory of mind.
  • Separation anxiety and object permanence.
  • Language and bilingualism.
  • Attachment and independence.
  • Discipline and motivation.

If you buy all 6 workshops the investment will be 190 euros and you will have a free session with Creative Mama workshop. 

Workshops can be attended as one single off at the cost of 40 euros each.
Courses will be repeated every month (subject to change depending on availability and attendance).

Please note, partners go for Free.

Workshops are science-based, fun and interactive sessions for parents (conception-4 years) and include engaging slide-presentations, games, discussions and Q&A. Each workshop lasts 45 minutes + 15 min of discussion.
We recommend signing up maximum within a week before the starting of the course (January 1st, February 12th).

If you sign up for the whole course before December 13th there will be 20% of discount!

Language will be English or Italian depending on the attendance.

Babies and children under 4 are most welcome to join in: they usually love to play and learn alongside their grown-ups!
Toys and cushions will be provided.

Workshops are delivered weekly on Wednesdays at Matka, Spaandammerstraat 43 Amsterdam from 15.30 to 16.30.


JANUARY course: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, FEBRUARY 5th, 12th,

FEBRUARY course:  19th, 26th, MARCH: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th