Babybrains® is a new parenting program based on Neuroscience.

Above all, it aims at empowering parents by knowing how to interpret what is going on in their children's brain.

This program will enable you to interact with your child in a more conscious, effective and pleasurable way. As a result, the adventure of becoming a family will become one rich in joy and fulfilment.


- 140 euros for the whole 6-workshops course
- 30 euros one-off***

Babybrains® defines itself as "the FUN side of SCIENCE" - Neuroscience for Happy Families.

It makes the latest insight from Psychology and Neuroscience available to parents in an accessible, empowering and fun way: experimentally-inspired games, exciting Aha! moments and group exercises are, for instance, examples of how the learning happens.

In 2015, an Italian PhD Neuroscientist and mother of three living and working in UK,felt the need to transfer her knowledge and approach about how baby's brain work to other parents: this is how BabyBrains® was born. Moreover, Prof. Mark Johnson from Cambridge University, UK ( endorsed this program and year by year Silvia trained more and more people to spread the voice.  Including me, doula Valentina Cenedese PhD in Neuroscience, as well.

Why this program and what is new?

We, as parents, tend to face a lot of frustration very often because we set our expectations very high, and sometimes unrealistically achievable. Very often, it is just what society have taught us on how to interpret children behaviours, therefore we might look for a method that solves it all.

Too often we are bombed by a lot of different theories about how we should parenting, but not all of them underlines the unicity of our own family, nor our own priorities.

Babybrains® is not a user manual. Indeed, we will never tell you what is correct to do with your child: science has number and averages, but you and your child are unique. Instead, the goal of this program is to guide you in getting to know your inner resources and being able to understand your children and what is going on with them. To create empowerment.

You are the only one who can find your way of  parenting. We call it the L-O-V-E approach and it easy and natural to put into practice: all you need to do is learn the science and enjoy the fun.

What is the tool box that Babybrains offers for parents' empowerment?


Workshops touch 6 different themes crucial of child development from 0 to 4 years.

 1. Family habits and memory.

2. Manipulation and theory of mind.

3. Separation anxiety and object permanence.

4. Language and bilingualism.

5. Discipline and motivation.

6. Attachment and independence.

At the end of the course, parents feel not only well informed, but also energised and inspired, ready to take on the most wonderful challenge of their lives: parenting their unique child.

Workshops can be attended as one single off at the cost of 40 euros each.

Partners go for Free, other family members or nannies pay 50%.

Workshops are science-based, fun and interactive sessions for parents (conception-4 years) and include engaging slide-presentations, games, discussions and Q&A. Each workshop lasts 45 minutes + 15 min of discussion.

For organisation purposes, we recommend signing up maximum within a week before the starting of the course.

Language will be English or Italian depending on the attendance.