Birth Doula in Amsterdam

The package you choose is customisable, therefore you decide how much support you want and how many meetings you would like to book with me. You can choose to have the meetings either before or after birth, or a combination of the two. It’s also up to you to decide what we will focus on during the meetings.

A prenatal session is aiming at your relaxation and wellbeing. These include: Feet massage, Low Back massage, Moxa, Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping massage technique, Rebozo, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Visualisation, Polarity, Reiki, Breathing techniques. Moreover, I will help you with writing your birth wishes plan and understanding the country’s birth systems and protocols.

You can also have specific extra single sessions added to your package, depending on your needs.

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Dear all,

I will not take any birth clients at the time being.

Please feel free to contact me for information.

I wish you a wonderful time.

Valentina – Doulentina

Fairy Package – €910 (including BTW)

  • Intake meeting
  • 2 Prenatal meetings (2 hours each)
  • Childbirth support
  • 1 Post-Partum meeting
  • On call 24/7 from week 37
  • Unlimited availability by phone call, WhatsApp, messages, Facebook, email, until 6 weeks after the birt

Nymph Package – €1040 (including BTW)

  • Intake meeting
  • 3 Prenatal meetings (2 hours each)
  • Childbirth support
  • 1 Post-Partum meeting
  • On call 24/7 from week 37
  • Unlimited availability by phone call, WhatsApp, messages, Facebook, email, until 6 weeks after the birth

Goddess Package – €1240 (including BTW)

  • Intake meeting
  • 4 Prenatal meetings (2 hours each)
  • Childbirth support
  • 1 Post-Partum meeting
  • On call 24/7 from week 37
  • Unlimited availability by phone call, WhatsApp, messages, Facebook, email, until 6 weeks after the birth
  • 1 Full-body pregnancy massage

Last Minute Package – €780 (including BTW)

  • 1 Prenatal meeting (3 hours)
  • Support writing the Birth Plan
  • Childbirth support
  • 1 post-partum meeting
  • On call 24/7 from week 37
  • Unlimited availability by phone call, WhatsApp, messages, Facebook, email, until 6 weeks after the birth

Prices are valid from June 18th 1019 until June 17th 2020.

Travel expenses will be calculated as € 0,29  per km. Parking costs will be billed separately.

All packages include:

  • Introductory meeting
  • Discount for extra meetings before or after the delivery: low back and/or feet massage, cupping massage, visualisation, spinning babies, relaxation: €50 instead of  €65.
  • Discount for pregnancy massage (full body massage with organic, essential oils): € 70 instead of € 85.

Single sessions


“One cannot actively help a woman to give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily.” – Michel Odent

Individual Childbirth Coaching

€97,5 / 1h30

In case you do not want a Doula present at your childbirth, but you still feel the need of a support to learn how to deal with pain, breathing, think positively, I am available to support you, and eventually teach your partner some techniques.

Full body massage

€85 / 1h

Massage with organic essential oils comfortably at your home.

Relaxation session

€65 / 1h

This session include different techniques aimed at relaxation, such as: Polarity, Reiki, Guided meditation.

Creative art sessions to connect with your baby

€80 / 1h

In this session, you will be assigned with by some art exercises aimed at releasing inner nodes and connect with your baby. You can choose the art technique you prefer (drawing, painting, clay, writing etc…). I will provide materials.

Breech presentation/ broken membranes/ overdue

€65 / 1h

You want a spontaneous beginning of labour and the baby is breech and you want to give him an encouragement to turn spontaneously? Are your membranes are broken and contractions have not started yet? Has your due date already passed and you're seeing in front of you the medical induction? I can help with several techniques and tips to invite labour to start.

Optimal Foetal Positioning using Spinning Babies techniques

€65 / 1h

Optimal Foetal Positioning' (OFP) is a theory developed by a midwife, Jean Sutton, and Pauline Scott, an antenatal teacher, who found that the mother's position and movement could influence the way her baby lay in the womb in the final weeks of pregnancy. I will guide you through several position to achieve this goal, based on Spinning Babies principles.

Belly mapping

€65 / 1h

How is the baby positioned in my womb? You will learn to understand where is back, feet and hands, therefore also head, by touching your own belly under guidance. You might want to paint your belly with what you have discovered (+ material cost).

Online session (video call)

€50 / 1h

If you just want to have a discussion, and you are more comfortable at your place, we might want to schedule a Skype session when I can help you through your questions and doubts.

Experience LOVE during labour

€65 / 1h

A full hour focusing at preparing yourself to be more conscious of your body, releasing emotional inner nods and cultivating nurturing ways to feel an orgasmic flow. We will learn to transform the paradigm fear>tension>pain into LOVE>RELAXATION>PLEASURE. This does not mean you will experience an orgasm, but you will train to stay focus on positive corporal sensations, being able to make them become the major part of you and your birth. Your baby entered your body while making love, he/she will find his/her way out with love as well.

Sing your baby out

€65 / 1h

It is well known that vocalising during birth is of great help to connect your body-mind-soul system and facilitate the actual birth process. What if I tell you that actually singing, is even more efficient? I will help you dig inside yourself, find the strong woman who has been silenced by this society, and let her sing from the bottom of her heart as nobody is there listening but the baby. And along with this connection, revealing the power of the duality for an unforgettable experience. The main purpose is to make women strong in their confidence in their bodies and in their ability to give life with the help of voice, sensuality and creativity. The skills acquired will allow you to find your own birth song.

Mother rising: the blessingway journey into motherhood (Opening ceremony before birth)

from €130

Baby Showers are just about celebrating the new baby coming soon.
What about celebrating this woman and her transition into a new phase of her life such as motherhood with a ceremony? One more shade of interpretation of this ceremony might be seen in this concept: mother’s womb has been closed for 9 months, and so her emotions. When we are not pregnant every month our bleeding reminds us of our ciclicity: the dead cells of our endometrium are detached and come out with all our emotions kept inside ourselves. Some people call it premenstrual syndrome. Imagine now that you have kept all these emotions closed for 9 months and with the birth of your child a new woman will be born and with them a lot of emotions will flow out of you. It is a new opening to the world after so many months of closure to nurture your baby inside your belly. This process takes time and deep understanding.

The mother rising ceremony will gather your closest friends to go slowly and deeply into recognizing the power of what is going to happen in your life, acknowledging its meaning and guiding you to the opening phase of motherhood.

Rebozo closing bones ceremony after 40 day from the childbirth

from €150 - done by two people

This ceremony is performed after 6 weeks from childbirth and it is performed by two people using Rebozo (traditional Mexican scarf). In a very relaxing environment, usually with candle, soft music, after a bath and a massage (these details are customizable), while you are lying, your body will be wrapped into several Rebozos in order to “close your bones”.

The philosophy behind this ceremony follows the concept of the “mother rising” one: you have opened to the world giving birth, when you feel like it’s time to close again, not anymore in symbiosis with your baby and become a single person again, then you might want to celebrate this new phase of your life with this ritual.