Childbirth education classes

Childbirth is a process that involves you, your body and your baby, therefore, knowing in advance what will happen and what to expect from that experience, will definitively help you interiorise what is better for you to do during the birth of your child.

Although, there are different layers and shades in talking about childbirth and depending on your needs we might think to personalise the lectures addressing your desires.

I organise group and private lectures, with more or less meetings, depending on your needs.

Because I believe everybody needs the fundamental physiological information I have created this list of topics, which is the basic structure of my lectures and on the whole it includes:

  • Understanding the Dutch care system around pregnancy
  • Different phases of labour
  • What is the paradigm fear>tension>pain
  • How to approach each contraction
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Different position in labour and birth
  • Basics of massage and acupressure points
  • Medical interventions: pain relief, induction, C-section
  • What happen after birth
  • Basics of breastfeeding


The private course, comfortably at your home, will take 6 hours* and costs 295,5 (VAT included).

It can be organized as you prefer:

  • 3 lectures of 2 hours
  • 2 lectures of 3 hours
  • 1 lecture of 6 hour

*if you are not interested in the “after birth+breastfeeding” section, the course takes 4 hours and costs € 197 (VAT included).

If instead you are interested in aspects of childbirth different to the basic ones, you might see my single extra sessions and choose what fits your needs the most (i.e. Give birth with Love, Belly mapping, Coaching, Creative art sessions to connect with your baby, Blessingway).

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What: 5 lectures of 2 hours

Cost: € 215

Where: Therapeutisch Activiteiten Centrum Amsterdam, TACA, Borgerstraat 102, 1053 PW Amsterdam

When: December 4th, 14th, 19th + 1 after birth, 19.30-21.30

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What: 1 lecture of 6 hours

Cost:€ 180

Where: to be decided

When: one Sunday every month

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What: 1 lecture of 2 hours

Cost:€ 60

Where: to be decided

When: one Monday evening every month

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What: 4 lectures of 2 hours

Cost:€ 285

Where: Cuddles and Music Leiden – Beekforel 19, 2381 MA, Leiden

When: Oct 28th (11.00-13.00), Nov 7th (19.30-21.30), Nov 14th (19.30-21.30), Nov 21st(19.30-21.30)

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Added to the standards themes of my lectures, this childbirth preparation is guided by music and singing.

The mother / couple will be guided to the knowledge of what happens during labor and birth, thus using also music as a tool to reduce tension and get in touch with the baby.
The womb is the place where every human being learns to move, to live, grow and listen because there is no silence in the womb: the heartbeat, breathing, visceral and vocal sounds etc … lead us to define the womb the “first orchestra”.

Singing during pregnancy is an effective way to reduce tension and stress.
Starting from the fifth month, the baby perceives the sounds. The maternal (and paternal) voice then acts as a melody that stimulates the brain structures of the fetus and nourishes its emotional development.
The mother voice will also become a sign of recognition and mother-baby contact, even after childbirth, becoming an imprint capable of marking the existence of the child in emotional, affective and cognitive terms.

During the sessions you will experience:
– breathing exercises
– group vocalizations / free and guided intonation
– relaxation activities
– construction of an emotional-musical repertoire to communicate with your baby (lullabies and songs also accompanied by musical instruments).
No musical or vocal skills are required.

The course is recommended starting from the 24th week of gestation.

Course is held in collaboration with Anna Buonomo, Singer – Music therapist – Baby massage teacher
Musician with over 20 years experiences, graduated in Opera singing and in Music Therapy, certified Baby massage instructor. In 2016 she set up her studio Cuddles and music Leiden, a place to strengthen the bonding between parent and child and to experience different forms of stimulation and communication, already starting from prenatal age.