Childbirth education courses

Childbirth is a process that involves most noteworthy your baby, but even more your body. Therefore, Childbirth Education gives you the possibility of knowing in advance what your body is capable of . This will definitively help you interiorise what is better for you to do during the birth of your child. Hence, aiming at a smoother birth.

My Childbirth Education Course’s goal is, above all, guiding you into a journey from science to soul. I integrate neuroscientific knowledge, evidence based techniques and a real understanding of the emotional lives of mothers and babies in the perinatal period.

By working with me, you will have the chance to specifically discuss the most updated evidence based information around childbirth  with a real scientist. Data come from official peer- reviewed journals. And equally important, you will experience different approaches on how to listen to and trust your inner voice/ intuition. Knowing that your inner voice/ intuition comes from and has its roots in a solid scientific knowledge. At last, I will guide you to combine these two aspects reaching your truly own decision. This consequently will create a state of empowerment for you, your family and your childbirth.

Here below are listed  in detail all the topics I will discuss during my childbirth education courses:

  • Understanding the Dutch care system around pregnancy
  • Different phases of labour
  • What is the process fear>tension>pain 
  • How to approach each contraction
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Different positions in labour and birth
  • Medical interventions: pain relief, induction, C-section
  • What happens after birth
  • Basics of breastfeeding

Furthermore, as a result of my belief in the power of intuition, here below are listed the key tools I will definitely use to guide you trusting your truly innermost voice:

  • Fear journaling/funnelling
  • Birth art
  • Guided visualisations (from Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness)


During this group course you will definitely have the chance to collect all the evidences you need to have, as a result, an informed birth. But above all, you will become confident and empowered, having also the nice possibility to share your doubts, experiences and views with the other group’s members. Hence, creating your circle of people and community so important in this period of your life.

What: 5 lectures of 2 hours. 4 before birth and 1 about 5-6 week after the last mom of the course has given birth.

Cost: € 230 – 280

Where: Online – In Presence

When: every month

Get in touch sending an email to and we can think of dates.


The individual course has certainly  the advantage to have a professional working 1 to 1 with you.

First of all, this allows you to be comfortably at your home. Secondly, you have the possibility to discuss all your doubts without the certain limitation of time that there is in case of a group course. But above all, you’ll have the possibility to personalise the topics you want to learn and the tools you want to develop. 

The course will take 4 hours and costs 295  (VAT included).

It can be organised as you prefer:

  • 2 lectures of 2 hours
  • 1 lecture of 4 hours

To register send an email to