“Last 8th of October I was lucky to have Valentina next to me during the labor and birth of my second child. I never had a Doula before and I didn’t really know what to expect from her, except for the great comments from my girlfriends that had one. Valentina and I planned a meeting for the 9th of October but my baby decided to born the day before. So we hadn’t time to discuss about what to do during the labor.. talk about massaging.. positions.. etc.. and to be honest I hadn’t a Doula before also because I was a bit “shy” to suffer in front of someone that I didn’t really know like my husband, midwife.. stupid I know.. but when you’re pregnant there are even more stupid things that go through your head!

Valentina arrived around noon when the contractions weren’t really strong. Waiting for the midwife we got to know a bit of each other and immediately I had the feeling to trust her. She was so confident, calm, professional that I knew I made the right decision to contact her! Almost suddenly the contractions become closer and stronger I couldn’t think about anything… when I think about those moments, a part my husband, there are few clear things in my mind, one of that was Valentina. Her help, voice, suggestions, the chocolate bar that she gave me  helped me to be ready for the next contraction. She is a great strong woman and I’m sure she will be a marvelous help for other women during this special pages of their lifes.

Again I’ve been lucky to have her with me! Grazie Valentina.” 

– Pina

An experience not just to remember with pleasure, but useful and supportive. Valentina is a fantastic person, with her it will be easier to overcome doubts and fears, she will always be by your side to support your choices and she will give you so much courage in the most special day of your life. I advise doula Valentina to all of you
– Gisella

I met by chance Valentina in the group “Amsterdam dolce attesa” asking for help for a prenatal course in Italian (I’m not very good with English at the time) and she immediately replied. We met after the summer holidays for the first meetings at home and at the hospital, a welcoming and efficient availability, that during the time has always been more visible and profitable. Both my husband and I were immediately struck by the warmth and kindness of Valentina and above all in the empathy of capturing and solving the “Dutch dynamics” of the birth and post-delivery, given that Valentina also understands a bit of Dutch.

My due date was on 21-11-2017 but this date has been extended by a few more days’. Arrived on the fateful day, she immediately catapulted at our home, during labour she was perfect, both at home and in hospital (so much that the midwives and nurses have complimented us for our team) she has supported me enormously throughout the phase of labour with words, massages, help of every kind that have contributed to my self-esteem making me feel full of energy, in order to make this unforgettable moment a better one. We did not have our families close by, and for this reason both my husband and I have appreciated even more the emotional and physical support given by Valentina. Emma, my daughter, was born at 20.05 on Sunday 26-11-2017! It was a natural birth in a super-functional hospital! We will never finish thanking her,: you can call Valentina the perfect Doula! We love you and thank you infinitely! Also happy to have been the ‘initiators’ of this new work path of yours … ”